World of Warcraft player and addon author.

Introducing “Broker oQueue”

A little thing that I discovered recently is the World of Warcraft addon oQueue, which allows users to create “pre-made” groups for Battlegrounds, Arenas, Raids and the like. I have known of its existence for a long time but only recently installed it after it became available on Curse. I have to say, even though

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Introducing “HandyNotes for Lunar Festival”

The Lunar Festival will be starting again soon and we’ll all be launching fireworks into the skies and flying around the world visiting Elders to receive Coins of Ancestry. This addon is a continuation of my old “TourGuide for Lunar Festival” addon, re-written as a plugin for HandyNotes in a similar style to HandyNotes for

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Introducing “HandyNotes for Hallow’s End”

Hallow’s End has begun once again in Azeroth, and with the recent release of Mists of Pandaria new candy buckets have been added to the world for players to find. This addon aims to make finding all the candy buckets as easy as possible by adding huge marker pins to the world map and mini

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Introducing “MogIt Highlighter”

I am a huge fan of the transmogrification feature added to World of WarCraft in Patch 4.3.0. It offers true customisation of your character, allowing you to choose exactly how you want him or her to appear. There are a large number of sites and tools to help create some stunning outfits, including the addon

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