Colourblind Mode and Legacy Quest Log Discontinued

Today I regret to announce the discontinuance of two of my lesser known projects; Colourblind Mode and Legacy Quest Log.

The decision to do so was not easy, however this does free up some resources that will allow me to continue work on my other addons.

The reasons for discontinuing these projects is relatively simple. Colourblind Mode was made redundant in Patch 6.2 as Blizzard added colourblind options of their own into the main game. Legacy Quest Log however has been succeeded by another addon, Classic Quest Log by Gello. His addon is what I wanted Legacy Quest Log to become and instead of competing with Gello with near-identical addons I will support him with his project.

I have been granted access to the Legion beta realms and, whilst my computer isn’t very happy about it, progress will be made to bring my other current projects up to date for when Patch 7.0 goes live in August this year.

Chinchilla Minimap appears to be ok so far. The “blip map” art file will need to be updated to support the new minimap icons arriving in Patch 7.0, however this should be a simple task and won’t cause errors in the meantime. TradeSkill Info however will need some extra attention as Blizzard have overhauled the built-in tradeskill interface and the recipe database will certainly be incomplete for the first few days. Redprints and the HandyNotes plugins should only need minimal maintenance thankfully and I will need to contact Aelobin soon to find out what he wants to do with MogIt now that Blizzard have added their own version to the game. I suspect that MogIt Highlighter may become a stand-alone addon but I’ll worry about this when the time comes.

Progress may be a bit slow to begin with as I have been in full time employment since August 2015 and don’t have as much spare time as I used to, but it will be made. Please bear with me. I hope to see you all on the Broken Isles soon!


With the announcement of Patch 6.0 going live on October 15th, I am officially discontinuing three of my smaller projects. As of today, Broker oQueue, FuBar uClock and Colourblind Mode are now in an end-of-life state and will no longer receive updates.

The futures of oQueue and Broker oQueue were already in question and today’s announcements confirm that oQueue is officially dead. Because of this, Broker oQueue will no longer have a purpose and will cease to function.

A similar fate has befallen FuBar uClock, with FuBar itself recently being removed from Curse due to lengthy inactivity. FuBar has not received updates for a very long time due to the rise of LibDataBroker-based alternatives such as Bazooka and Titan Panel. FuBar uClock has been succeeded by its own LibDataBroker alternative, Broker uClock.

Colourblind Mode has also succumbed to the many changes arriving in Patch 6.0. Blizzard have decided to discontinue support of colour shaders in preference to a completely text-based solution. Colourblind Mode therefore also no longer has a purpose and will cease to function.

Broker oQueue, FuBar uClock and Colourblind Mode now join TourGuide: Lunar Festival and TourGuide: Midsummer Festival in happy retirement. They leave behind a legacy of satisfied customers.

I never like discontinuing projects but sometimes I have little choice. On the plus side however, it does free up some time and resources which I can apply to my other active projects instead. All of my other projects will continue to work fine when Patch 6.0 goes live next week and will continue to receive regular updates when they are needed.

Spring Cleaning

With the turn of the new year it’s time to a bit of spring cleaning, and as such I am officially ceasing development of two of my favourite projects…

TourGuide: Lunar Festival and TourGuide: Midsummer Fire Festival.

This has not been an easy decision to make but there are a number of reasons why it had to happen.

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