HandyNotes for Lunar Festival Updated to Version 1.1.4

The Lunar Festival will be starting again soon and a new version of HandyNotes for Lunar Festival was released this morning in preparation for the upcoming event.

The biggest change in this version is that the marker pins for the Lunar Festival Elder NPCs now appear on the world map at continent level, similar to how the bonfires are displayed in HandyNotes for Midsummer Festival. The pins will disappear from the world map as you visit each Elder, so you no longer need to click on each individual zone to find any Elders you may have missed.

Locations of every Elder NPC in Northrend.
Locations of every Elder NPC in Northrend, displayed on the Northrend map.

There are currently no options to turn this new feature off, but if the community requests it I will look into making one.

The new version of HandyNotes for Lunar Festival is available to download from Curse and requires HandyNotes to work. Please note that the map pins will only appear while the Lunar Festival is active!

The 2014 Lunar Festival will start on January 20th and will end on February 2nd. Good luck!

Official Changelog:
v1.1.2 to v1.1.4

  • Flagged as up-to-date with Patch 5.4.
  • Increased the accuracy of the map pins and fixed a few misplaced ones.
  • Marker pins for Elder NPCs in zones and capital cities now show on the continent map.
  • Fixed Elder Morndeep’s pin to appear in Blackrock Depths, where he is, instead of Blackrock Caverns, where he isn’t.
  • Fixed Elder Morningdew’s pin not being removed from the map after collecting her coin.

TradeSkillInfo Updated to Version 2.2.12

TradeSkillInfo was updated to Version 2.2.12 earlier today and is my first official release of 2014.

This new version includes a handful of bugfixes and adds data for several new recipes, including most of the new recipes that were added to World of WarCraft in Patch 5.4.

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Merry Christmas!

I would like to wish you all a very happy holiday break and a successful and prosperous new year!

The addons I help maintain would not have evolved into what they have become today without your valuable feedback. Thank you for your amazing support!

I look forward to working with you all in 2014. Stay safe, good luck and have fun!

Broker oQueue Updated to Version 1.2

A new version of Broker oQueue was released this afternoon, hot on the heels of Patch 5.4.2 for World of Warcraft.

I was recently asked how to hide oQueue’s minimap button as the option to do so is rather obscure. There are no checkboxes anywhere in oQueue’s configuration screen and up until now the only way to hide the button was to use a hidden slash command:
/oq mini

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Broker oQueue Updated to Version 1.1

Broker oQueue has been updated to fix a small graphical error.

As of Version 1.1, the dropdown menu is now “clamped” to the screen. This means that if you have placed the broker object near the left side of your screen, the dropdown menu will no longer partially disappear off the edge.

Even though it was released little over a month ago, Broker oQueue has been downloaded almost 18,000 times already. Thank you all for your amazing support!

The update is available for download right now from Curse. As always, if you have any questions or feedback please do not hesitate to get in touch. Enjoy!

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