SignOn Updated to Version 2.4.1

SignOn has had a long overdue update this morning, bringing it back up to date and fixing a serious bug caused by the arrival of Patch 5.4.7.

SignOn uses “hyperlinks” embedded in the logon/logoff messages to obtain a player’s name, which is then used to obtain additional character data such as class, level and notes. Patch 5.4.7 changed the way these hyperlinks are constructed and this caused SignOn to be rendered useless. Thankfully there were no Lua error messages caused by the changes, so SignOn could remain installed and enabled without causing any harm to anything.

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First Few Updates for Patch 5.2

Patch 5.2 “The Thunder King” for World of Warcraft was released three weeks ago and Patch 5.3 “Escalation” has already appeared on the public test realms!

I have been a very busy little bee since the release of Patch 5.2, buzzing around the new content and stinging any addon errors that cropped up.

Several of my projects have received a number of updates over the weeks including TradeSkillInfo, Chinchilla Minimap, SignOn and BottleCap. The website itself also got a new coat of paint and plenty of tweaks have been made behind the scenes.

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