HandyNotes Hallow’s End Updated to Version 1.2.4

Hallow’s End will be upon us in the next few days, and the HandyNotes plugin for the world event has been updated in preparation for its arrival.

Similar to recent updates to the Lunar Festival and Summer Festival plugins, HandyNotes Hallow’s End now features an automatic on/off switch and a one-click waypoint feature. Please note that the plugin now requires the core HandyNotes addon at Version 1.4.0 or newer to work correctly. Attempting to use an older version of HandyNotes will create a message in the chatbox warning you that the plugin will not work until you update.

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Introducing “HandyNotes for Hallow’s End”

Hallow’s End has begun once again in Azeroth, and with the recent release of Mists of Pandaria new candy buckets have been added to the world for players to find.

This addon aims to make finding all the candy buckets as easy as possible by adding huge marker pins to the world map and mini map.

Map of The Jade Forest
Locations of the Alliance candy buckets in The Jade Forest.

In addition, this addon will hide the markers of the buckets you have already visited, so you won’t end up going to the same bucket more than once!

This feature, as well as the size and transparency of the markers, can be changed in HandyNotes’ config window.

Basic configuration.

Currently this addon is in beta stages of development and only has Alliance data, but data for the Horde will be added soon.

Also, there is a problem with the candy bucket in Arathi Highlands which is causing it to not appear for players. Blizzard are aware of this bug and a hotfix is due soon, but until then the map marker for this bucket will not appear.

HandyNotes for Hallow’s End is currently available for download from Curse and requires HandyNotes to function. It will be on WoWinterface in the near future.

If you have any feedback regarding this addon, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I read every message and investigate every bug report I receive.

I hope you find this addon useful!