Redprints Updated to Version 1.1

As Seen on MMO Champion!

It’s Christmas Eve, and unless any unforeseen error messages pop up this will be my last addon update for 2014.

Redprints has proven to be a success with over 10,000 downloads during the first week of its release, as well as a frontpage mention on the popular news site MMO Champion!

In the last few days I received a number of requests to change the colour Redprints used to highlight learned blueprints. My original plan for Redprints was to simply show which blueprints you had unlocked but not yet learned, but a large amount of users wanted a different colour as the red highlight Redprints used is the same colour used for blueprints that had not yet been unlocked due to levelling up, incomplete achievements etc.

With this in mind, I have added a feature that allows users to change the highlight colour for learned blueprints. There are currently four colours on offer and users can easily choose which one they’d like to use by typing /redprints followed by red, blue, green or grey. Blueprints that have not yet been unlocked will remain red.

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The new version is available for download from Curse and WoWinterface. If you have any questions or feedback then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Please have a safe and happy Christmas. I’ll see you again in 2015!

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