HandyNotes for Summer Festival Updated to Version 1.0.1

The Midsummer Fire Festival is upon us once again and soon players everywhere will be flying all over Azeroth, honouring their faction’s bonfires and desecrating the bonfires of their enemies.

Version 1.0.1 of HandyNotes for Summer Festival is largely a maintenance release to bring the addon up to date for World of Warcraft Patch 5.4.8. Most (if not all) of the bonfires are displayed on the world map and minimap for both the Horde and the Alliance. Smart icons allow the user to see which bonfires belong to which faction, and will hide themselves after your visit so you will never end up at the same bonfire twice.

HandyNotes for Summer Festival is available to download from its usual page on Curse. If you want to report an error or request a new feature then please submit a support ticket on either WoWace or GitHub, or simpy leave a comment here or on the download page. I read every message I receive and do my best to resolve problems as soon as possible.

The 2014 Summer Festival begins today and will end on July 5th. Good luck!

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