TradeSkillInfo Updated to Version 2.2.12

TradeSkillInfo was updated to Version 2.2.12 earlier today and is my first official release of 2014.

This new version includes a handful of bugfixes and adds data for several new recipes, including most of the new recipes that were added to World of WarCraft in Patch 5.4.

The most notable bugfix was for a compatibility issue with the newest version of the Auctioneer Advanced suite, code named “Quiescent Quoll”. TradeSkillInfo uses Auctioneer’s features to determine potential costs and profits for each tradeskill recipe and, if you have enabled the feature, displays these values in the crafting window as well as TSI’s own recipe browser. Thanks goes to “brykrys”, one of Auctioneer’s contributors, for providing me with the patch.

You can download the latest version of TradeSkillInfo from Curse or WoWinterface. TradeSkillInfo should no longer cause any errors with Auctioneer, but if you do come across any problems then feel free to get in touch.

Official Changelog:
v2.2.11 to v2.2.12

  • Flagged as compatible with Patch 5.4.
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with the latest version of Auctioneer Advanced.
  • Fixed an error when clicking on a reagent in TradeSkillInfo’s recipe browser.
  • Fixed a few potential “nil” errors.
  • Added several new Inscription, Blacksmithing, Cooking and Engineering recipes to the database.

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