Introducing “HandyNotes for Midsummer Festival”

Almost a week into the event, HandyNotes for Midsummer Festival is finally available for download.

Map of the Eastern Kingdoms
Locations of all the bonfires in the Eastern Kingdoms.

This addon has is the spiritual successor to “TourGuide for Midsummer Festival” which was discontinued earlier this year.

HandyNotes for Midsummer Festival has been written in a similar style to HandyNotes for Hallow’s End and HandyNotes for Lunar Festival, and is designed to help make visiting each of the Midsummer Festival bonfires as easy as possible by marking the locations on the world map and minimap.

This addon uses three different icons to show the locations of the bonfires and will automatically hide them once you visit that bonfire to prevent you from visiting it more than once.

Icon Key:
Honour the friendly bonfire.
Extinguish the enemy bonfire.
Steal the flame from an enemy capital city.

Right-clicking on an icon will allow you to create a “waypoint” arrow if you also have TomTom or Cartographer installed.

There are also some basic options available which will allow you to change the size and/or opacity of the icons, or to show every icon even if you have already visited all the bonfires. These options can be found within the “Plugins” section in HandyNotes’ configuration window.

HandyNotes for Midsummer Festival is now available to download from Curse and requires HandyNotes to work.

For 2013, the festival began on June 21st and will end on July 5th.

If you have any comments, bug reports or feature requests, please leave a comment here or open a ticket on WoWace or GitHub.

I hope you find this addon useful, and I apologise for the delay in getting this addon released.

Good luck and have fun!

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