TradeSkillInfo Updated to Version 2.2.7

Version 2.2.7 of TradeSkillInfo was released a few days ago with numerous updates to the recipe database and a small fix for the search feature in the Browser module.

This version is mostly a maintenance release and does not yet have the new Blacksmithing recipes in the database. The information will be added in Version 2.2.8, which is currently scheduled for release shortly after World of Warcraft is updated to Patch 5.2 in a few weeks time.

There have also been a few confirmed cases of TradeSkillInfo causing “taint” issues recently, particularly with the new Grid-style raid frames. They seem to be caused by the way TradeSkillInfo adds recipe information to item tooltips (recipe known by, learnable by, etc.) but, thankfully, doesn’t seem to happen very often. The entire tooltip support code will be completely re-written after the release of Version 2.2.8 and will hopefully solve this problem.

Patch Notes:

You can download the newest version from either Curse or WoWinterface.

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