A Quick Reminder

Lunar Festival 2013 will begin at midnight tonight!

To those of you who have already downloaded my HandyNotes: Lunar Festival addon in advance, please be aware that the marker pins will not automatically appear on your maps at the stroke of midnight.

You will need to reload your user interface using the “/console reloadui” slash command after midnight.

This is a deliberate design. It is possible to make addons aware of when in-game events begin and end but since the Lunar Festival only lasts for 2 out of 52 weeks each year, doing so will consume more resources than is necessary. The addon looks at the current time and date during initialisation to decide whether or not the marker pins are needed.

Also, there are no Elders in Pandaria (as far as I know) or in Outland, so there won’t be any marker pins for either of those continents.

If you run into problems or want to provide feedback then feel free to leave a comment here, on the project page on Curse or open a support ticket on WoWace. Your login details for Curse will also work for WoWace.

Good luck! And thank you for using my addons!

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