Bucket List Update: “Goodbye Cataclysm” edition

There’s less than three hours left until Mists of Pandaria launches on EU realms and it’s high time I posted an update for my bucket list.

  1. Transfer characters. (complete)
    Ulbrecht and Innis have been successfully transferred and are enjoying their new home!
  2. Buy heirlooms. (complete)
    I have gathered all the agility leather heirlooms, a weapon, trinkets and even managed to snag the Dread Pirate Ring for my Pandaren Monk!
  3. Loremaster. (failed)
    Sadly, I ran out of time. Patch 5.0.4 came out shortly after I posted about my preparation plans and added Loremaster of Pandaria as a requirement to the meta achievement. Icecrown was the last zone I needed to complete, but I simply ran out of time.
    Only 105 quests away from "The Loremaster"... I was so close!
    Only 105 quests away from “The Loremaster”… I was so close!
  4. Max out Ysaera’s secondary professions. (failed)
    I am happy with the progress I made and managed to max out Ysaera’s cooking, fishing, and first aid successfully. I neglected her archaeology and it remains at 165/225.
  5. Transmogrification. (complete)
    All of Ysaera’s planned transmogrification items have been obtained, along with a few bonus items that fit the look very well.
  6. Level alts to 85. (failed)
    Suranyu remains at Level 84. I tried my best but I couldn’t find the time or the willingness to continue levelling.
  7. Collect as many mounts and minipets as possible. (complete)
    Thanks to account-wide minipets I now have 168 unique companions in my collection, enough to get the celestial dragon companion.
  8. Get as much gold as possible. (complete)
    I managed to raise a total of over 120,000 gold across all of my characters. That’ll do pig, that’ll do.

Despite not completing everything I wanted to do, overall I am happy with the progress I made. There’s plenty left for me to get on with in Pandaria, and lots of other things in the “old worlds” to complete if I get the urge to.

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  1. Hey at least you had a bucket list… not to mention managing to get 120k! I went into MoP with 6k… oh the joys!
    See you later, or tomorrow morning in game. :D /hug

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