Introducing “MogIt Highlighter”

I am a huge fan of the transmogrification feature added to World of WarCraft in Patch 4.3.0. It offers true customisation of your character, allowing you to choose exactly how you want him or her to appear.

There are a large number of sites and tools to help create some stunning outfits, including the addon “MogIt“. I have used MogIt in recent times to help design some outfits for my own characters but found some of the functionality a little lacking.

Namely, the Wishlist feature.

I’m not saying it’s a bad thing though! I just wanted to do more with it. I wanted to be able to see at a glance if an item was in my MogIt wishlist and snap it up. For instance, my Druid’s transmogrification outfit is comprised mostly of quest reward items. I didn’t want to miss getting the item I wished for, choosing instead something else because it had a higher sell price to a vendor.

Thus, MogIt Highlighter was born.

Here’s how it works.

Nether-Rocket Gloves
That’s a nice looking pair of gloves.

These gloves are the Nether-Rocket Gloves, a reward from the quest Breaking Down Netherock in the Netherstorm. These are a unique model and fit my transmogrification outfit perfectly. So, I added them to my MogIt Wishlist.

The gloves were the last item I needed to complete my outfit, so I went over to the Netherstorm to complete the quest and obtain the gloves.

Breaking Down Netherock
Ooh, shiny.

I can immediately see that the gloves I wanted are here and I can nab them after I complete the quest. I chose a sparkly visual indicator to distract me from clicking something else and miss the item I wanted so much. Maybe in a future update I’ll add an audio indicator too.

Collecting my Just Reward
Gimme dem gloves!

I hope to support more UI elements in future versions of this addon. Possibilities currently include:

  • The auction house
  • Vendors
  • Professions
  • Personal inventory (bags, bank, etc.)
  • Loot windows

I hope this addon will be useful to you. It is currently available to download from Curse.


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