Chinchilla Minimap updated for Mists of Pandaria

Patch 5.0.4 is edging ever closer and many people are eager to make sure their customised interfaces will continue to work once the servers come back online.

Today, Chinchilla Minimap joined the ever growing list of addons that will be compatible with Patch 5.0.4 when it hits. Version 2.5.4 and higher will work without errors on all servers, whether they are the post-5.0 beta realms or the pre-5.0 live realms.

You can install it manually from Curse or WoWinterface. However, it will likely not appear as an update in the Curse Client until Patch 5.0.4 actually hits.

If you happen to find any issues with this addon please contact me. I don’t care how, be it via Twitter, GitHub, Curse, WoWinterface or even in the comments here. I read and investigate every message I receive.

As always, a huge thanks goes out to the users of Chinchilla Minimap. It turned four years old on July 10th and has been downloaded over 1 million times.

Focus now shifts towards completely overhauling the Position module, especially it’s horrendous positioning logic. Expect some more updates to come!

I hope you continue to enjoy this addon. See you in Pandaria!

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