Preparations for Pandaria

With Mists of Pandaria launching in September time it’s high time I started getting myself ready. I have already decided on what I’ll be doing after the expansion arrives, but there are some things I want to try and get done before it arrives.

The first four points of my bucket list are the ones I absolutely want to get done. The rest is gravy.

  1. Transfer characters. (not yet started)
    I want to move two of my characters, Ulbrecht and Innis, over to Ghostlands-EU to join Ysaera in Harvest Moon.
  2. Buy heirlooms. (in progress)
    I have enjoyed tanking as Ysaera recently and will most likely spec my Pandaren Monk as a Brewmaster. I will use every opportunity to gain as many Justice Points as possible to buy the leather agility heirlooms from the vendors. Innis already has a cape, two maces and two haste trinkets so I will send them to the Monk instead of buying new ones. If I have time, I will also buy the intellect mail heirlooms and respec Innis into a healer.
  3. Loremaster. (in progress)
    Completing Loremaster on Ysaera will be the most time consuming thing on my to-do list. Kalimdor is complete and the other four continents are in progress.
  4. Max out Ysaera’s secondary professions. (in progress)
    I have… neglected these somewhat. I’ll try to gain as much skill as possible while I’m working towards Loremaster.
  5. Transmogrification. (in progress)
    The outfit I currently have planned for Ysaera is nearing completion. The only things I need to find are some shoes, some gloves and a weapon. The ones I’m after are quest rewards in Outland and I know exactly where and how to get them.
  6. Level alts to 85. (in progress)
    I only have three characters left who are below level 85 and they are Innis (currently level 60), Lucaria (currently level 82) and Suranyu (currently level 83). I have been levelling Innis alongside the lovely Jaedia from Jaedia’s Menagerie and hope to get them all to 85 as soon as possible.
  7. Collect as many mounts and minipets as possible. (in progress)
    Ulbrecht has the majority of my mounts and mini-pets and I’m eager to collect as many as possible before Patch 5.0 arrives, bringing Pokemon companion battles and account-wide mounts and minipets with it. The ones that immediately come to mind are the baby raptors and the Argent Tournament rewards. If I can somehow motivate myself to get back into the daily grind I will obtain the few that I haven’t yet bought.
  8. Get as much gold as possible. (in progress)
    Items on the auction houses are going to be stupidly expensive for the first few months while everyone and their minipet will be clamouring for the new armour, gems, enchants and mounts. While I am hardly a gold-making machine like some awesome folks I follow on Twitter, I will try to get as much as I can in the time I have left.

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