Colourblind Mode Updated

Colourblind Mode has been updated to Version 1.0.1.

Back in Patch 4.3.0, Blizzard introduced an enhanced colourblind mode feature that allowed users to change a colour shader to best suit their type of colourblindness. However, this feature was not perfect and was only available via slash commands. There was also a bug that reverted the colour shader option back to default (no colourblindness) each time the user logged out.

This addon made it easier to change the colour shader by adding a new context menu to the Help section of the in-game config as well as providing a workaround to fix the aforementioned bug.

However in Patch 4.3.3, Blizzard fixed the bug rendering the workaround useless, but thankfully harmless. As of Version 1.0.1 of Colourblind Mode, the workaround has been removed.

You can download the updated version from Curse or WoWinterface.

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