Colourblind Mode and Legacy Quest Log Discontinued

Today I regret to announce the discontinuance of two of my lesser known projects; Colourblind Mode and Legacy Quest Log.

The decision to do so was not easy, however this does free up some resources that will allow me to continue work on my other addons.

The reasons for discontinuing these projects is relatively simple. Colourblind Mode was made redundant in Patch 6.2 as Blizzard added colourblind options of their own into the main game. Legacy Quest Log however has been succeeded by another addon, Classic Quest Log by Gello. His addon is what I wanted Legacy Quest Log to become and instead of competing with Gello with near-identical addons I will support him with his project.

I have been granted access to the Legion beta realms and, whilst my computer isn’t very happy about it, progress will be made to bring my other current projects up to date for when Patch 7.0 goes live in August this year.

Chinchilla Minimap appears to be ok so far. The “blip map” art file will need to be updated to support the new minimap icons arriving in Patch 7.0, however this should be a simple task and won’t cause errors in the meantime. TradeSkill Info however will need some extra attention as Blizzard have overhauled the built-in tradeskill interface and the recipe database will certainly be incomplete for the first few days. Redprints and the HandyNotes plugins should only need minimal maintenance thankfully and I will need to contact Aelobin soon to find out what he wants to do with MogIt now that Blizzard have added their own version to the game. I suspect that MogIt Highlighter may become a stand-alone addon but I’ll worry about this when the time comes.

Progress may be a bit slow to begin with as I have been in full time employment since August 2015 and don’t have as much spare time as I used to, but it will be made. Please bear with me. I hope to see you all on the Broken Isles soon!

HandyNotes Lunar Festival Updated to Version 1.4.2

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope 2016 has been kind to you thus far.

Today marks my first addon update for the year as HandyNotes Lunar Festival received a reasonable update well in advance for this year’s Lunar Festival in-game event. While there hasn’t been very many large changes, the code is now in line with my Hallow’s End plug-in which received several updates in October last year.

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HandyNotes Summer Festival Updated to Version 1.1

After a two-month long break from World of Warcraft, I return bearing gifts!

Today’s gift is a significant update to HandyNotes Summer Festival. While end users will likely not notice any difference, a lot the addon’s code has been changed in a similar way to a HandyNotes for Lunar Festival update earlier this year.

Most notably, the addon now has an “automatic on/off switch” that makes use of the in-game calendar. HandyNotes Summer Festival has gained sentience and is now able to detect when the event has started and will place marker icons on the worldmap and minimap without requiring players to log out or reload the user interface. Similarly, the addon will also hide the icons automatically after the event has ended.

The way the addon handles bonfires you have already visited has also been overhauled. Blizzard’s IsQuestFlaggedComplete() API has proven to be unsuitable for our needs, so the addon now uses an internal table of completed quests that is updated every time a quest is completed. This new method should fix marker icons remaining on the minimap after you visit a bonfire.

HandyNotes Summer Festival is available to download from its usual page on Curse. If you want to report an error or request a new feature then please submit a support ticket on either WoWace or GitHub, or leave a comment here or on the download page. I read every message I receive and do my best to resolve problems as soon as possible.

The 2015 Summer Festival began yesterday and will end on July 5th. Good luck!

Official Changelog:
v1.0.1 to v1.1

  • Flagged as up-to-date with Patch 6.1.
  • Added an “automatic on/off switch” to enable/disable the addon when the Midsummer Fire Festival begins/ends.
  • Added icons to show Zidormi‘s location in Dustwallow Marsh and the Blasted Lands. Talk to her if you can’t find the bonfires in those zones.
  • Fixed bonfire markers remaining stuck on the minimap after visiting that bonfire.
  • Fixed bonfire markers not showing on the worldmap due to terrain phasing.
  • Fixed TomTom waypoints not working properly.
  • Improved tooltip text slightly.
  • Removed Cartographer support.

Introducing “HandyNotes: Azeroth’s Top Tunes”

Among the new changes made to World of Warcraft in Patch 6.1 was a new jukebox that can change the background music while in your Garrison. Seven of the current total of 31 music scrolls are given to you for free on completion of the jukebox, and the rest must be bought or looted from all over Azeroth.

There are even two achievements for collecting ten and twenty music rolls, with the Azeroth’s Top Twenty Tunes achievement awarding a portable jukebox toy on completion.

This new addon is designed to help music collectors everywhere by adding marker pins to the worldmap and minimap in a similar style to my existing HandyNotes plugins for the Lunar Festival, Summer Festival, and Hallow’s End in-game events.

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